October 01, 2019 1 min read



This incarnation of informal formal style sets new standards for your work-life balance: 

Highly flexible, smart  and fully focused when needed. The collar - a homage to the renowned trench coat - provides you with the smart business sharpness.

The shorter box jacket cut and relaxed fit refreshes any office stiffness with an easy-going breeze. No  matter if worn with your power dress or your favorite pair of pants, you can be sure that this Jazer will become your business casual evergreen!


The Ada Pants become what you make of them but will always add a spark of effortless determination to your demeanour.

These wide-legged palazzo pants poised by a mid-high-waist cut give you space when you need it, while sculpting your waistline and elongating your legs. It pairs with everything from a heel to a loafer, a ballet flat or your comfy sneakers. 


Check out the special features of the Jazer and the Top: